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The Best GPS Tracker Watch in China(V)

Let us introduce one of our popular personal gps tracker - China best gps tracker watch to you here.

1.Support both menu operation and SMS text.Very easy to use for elders or childrens.

2.Built in SOS key,press SOS key,it will send sms and call to the 3 phone numbers to ask for help.

3.Can two way talking functions.The watch user can talk with "call 1" and "call 2"numbers.

4.Built in the best gps chipset-SIRF III,can offer the precision GPS location,much better than the low cost GSM GPRS tracking solution or the LBS tracking solution..

5.Built in two standby batteries,under tracking mode=30seconds,it just need one time charge in 24hours for one battery.

6.Very good quality,high end gift box package.

More details,please check the quality from each details:

**Switch on:

**Press lefe down button:

**Press left down button for over 3seconds,it will show the main menu:

**Inside of the gps tracking watch phone:SIM card slot+IMEI

**SOS emergency help alarm: once sos alarm occured,it will send sms to the pre-setted numbers at the same time,can call those numbers one by one also automatically!

**Very good/high end gift box package.

**Watch gps track phone Accessories:

Besides,we have one popular mini gps tracker wrist watch for kids: