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V60 GPS+OBD2 HUD Head Up Display Dashboard Computer HUD Gauge

Basic Info.

V60 GPS+OBD2 HUD Head Up Display OBD2+GPS Smart Car HUD Gauge

Product Functions: 1. OBD mode information display: vehicle speed, water temperature, voltage, fuel consumption, RPM, single travel mileage, single travel time, system time, intake pressure, oil temperature, gearbox oil / transmission Temperature, air-fuel ratio, turbo pressure, intake pressure, acceleration test, brake test, read data stream... Alarm: Over-speed alarm, Speed alarm, High water temperature alarm, Low voltage alarm, Engine fault alarm, Clear fault code, Free switching between kilometer and miles, KM/h & MPH Switch freely,°C & ℉switch freely. 2. GPS mode information display: speed, travel time, satellite time, altitude, number of satellites, driving direction, single mileage, voltage, acceleration test, brake test. Alarm: Over-speed alarm, Low voltage alarm, Free switching between kilometers and miles.