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4E: V41 5.5" Car OBD2 II EUOBD Car HUD Head Up Display With Bracket

Basic Info.

4E: V41 5.5" Car OBD2 Gauge II EUOBD Car HUD Head Up Display With Bracket 

Main Feature:
1.Automatic adaptation models, in line with OBDII or EUOBD models Plug Ready to use (car auto diagnostic system)
2.Vehicle speed, engine speed, water temperature (voltage / throttle position / ignition advance angle / 100 km Acceleration), fuel consumption, mileage, low fuel tips, rest tips, engine failure,
3.Displayed simultaneously
4.Normal display mode, high-speed display mode, automatic display mode can be chosen
5.Free switch. km miles freely switch, which greatly facilitates Inch
6.Suitable size.5.5inch display area, more conducive to the data read
7.Switcher, launch vehicle, lorry shutdown, effectively protect the car battery; while preserving the hand Switch machine way more beneficial to control the HUD
8.Flexible alarm mode. speed single-stage and four alarm modes, more conductive to driving safety
9.Speed alarm, there is conducive to the timely shift to achieve the purpose of the saving the novice also has a special Significance
10.Flexible brightness adjustment. automatic and manual brightness adjustment mode, not dazzling
11.SIZE: 25*93*158mm, 5.5 Inch Display
12.Display color: white color, white+yellow color, white+blue color

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