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C80 4.5" GPS Hud Head Up Display Digital Speedometer for Cars

Basic Info.

C80 4.5" GPS Hud Head Up Display Digital Speedometer for Cars

【What's GPS Speedometers?】Collecting speed from GPS satellites. No relation with the car engine,
therefore, it’s 100% universal for all vehicles include car, truck, pick-up, suv, scooter, train,
motorcycle, bike, boat, RZR…

【What does the GPS HUD display?】Driving Speed, Single Driving Time, Single Driving Mileage and
Total Mileage - Odometer. Single Driving Mileage from ACC is on to ACC is off. Model C80 and C90
 has total mileage - odometer function also.

【What's the speed unit?】KM/H and MPH. Long press the "Enter" button, when the left side of the
screen lights up "ML" or “KM” means the speed is displayed in MPH or KM/H.

【What other function?】Over-speed alert/alarm. Default setting alert value is 120. Adjust the
over-speed setting, once over value, it will give a warning. If want to off speed warning, just
 adjust the over-speed value to a very impossible high value.

【How accuracy?】 As usual, it’s 2-5MPH/KMH off from the car engine speed. The display speed could
 be calibrated by hand easily. Make it 2-5 miles ahead to avoid speed ticket. Professional factory
 on little car safety speedometer for more than 10 years, offer u good small beautiful things
with good price.