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The Best GPS Tracker Watch in China(III)

The best GPS tracker Watch in China(III.Comparison)

GPS Tracking System is widely used worldwide,therefore,there are many manufacture who have GPS tracker Watches.

After comparing with other watches,VJOY GPS tracker watch has below advantages:

1.Suitable size: it's just a modern sport watch from the aspect.

2.SOS button: there's a SOS button on the right side of the watch,once the wearer press this SOS button,it will dial to the relative 3 GSM numbers one by one.It's easy to ask for help!

3.Listen in: we built in "Listen-IN" function in the watch,therefore,it's easy for the center number to monitor the user and around voice.

4.Phone talk: this watch can make the center number/authorization number and the watch wearer to talk with each other.More easier to communication.

5.Geo-Fence: you can set the fence for the watch wearer.Once the watch wearer is over the fence,it will send alarm to the center number and the web based map tracking system.

6.Address releasing: the watch can send back its address to the map tracking platform and the center number/authorization number after enquiry.

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