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Testing Guide for Portable GPS Trackers

Test steps for new users of our portable GPS trackers:
1. Get a active SIM card with both GSM SMS and GPRS data service.
Make sure the SIM card can send SMS and have GPRS function;
2. Insert the SIM card, and make sure install the cover or watrproof rubber properly.
Because only you install the waterproof rubber or the cover properly,the SIM card will have a good contact with our GPS tracker.
3. Check Installation.
Call the tracker SIM card, and see whether it's with signal. If it can ring, but won't pick up the phone, it means the SIM card is with signal, and you can go next.
4. Set the master number.
It's very important. The right command is:
eg, if you use your own mobile phone is 004511111111,the SIM card number in the gps is 004522222222 then the master command will be: *master*123456*+4511111111* .Please send this SMS to 004522222222
Please don't mess up these two numbers.
5. Set the APN.
 It's very important. The right command is:
*apn*apn content*apn user*apn password*
Eg, your APN is internet, and no login user and password, then you just need send :*APN*internet* (don't allow cap letter here!)(it will reply to you whenever the APN command is wrong or correct. However, only when you set the right APN, it can be combined with our web platform. Therefore, if you didn't get any reply, then please kindly check whether your SIM card is with active GPRS or GSM SMS service, or whether your sim card is fit well.
6. Login into web tracking platform.
After set the right apn and master number, then you can go to our web platform: www.miitown.com input the master number and password to login in.
Please pay attention, default password is 123456, user start with country code 00.Eg,00451111111,not +4511111111 .
At this step,if you set the master number correctly, then you could login into our miitown platform; if you set APN correctly, then you could see your gps device location right now.
AT the same time, you can send *locateaddress* and your phone will receive the detailed address include street name.