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Build your own “GPS Tracking Platform”?

Build your own “GPS Tracking Platform”?
Dear GPS tracker distributors/importers,
As the business goes better day by day,you will have more and more vehicles need be tracking in the web tracking platform,right?
Do you considering whether need build your own GPS tracking platform server or not?
We can help you hire/buy server in China,and build your own GPS tracking platform with our GPS tracking software Maptrack-BS edition.The server specification is:
DELL R410 1U Server
E5606 4 Core 2.13-4G-300G SAS 3.5 15K*1 DVD-RAID1
CPU:E5606 4 core 2.13
Harddisk:300G SAS 3.5(1500)
Net card:dual com port
you can hire/buy server by yourself,we will upload our software to your server for you.Please pay attend to,our map tracking software have below demands on the server:
1. Must be WAN IP, do not the LAN IP .(e.g.
2. The server PC must be a real PC, not a virtual PC
3. OS: it is recommended to use Windows 2003 Enterprise Edition, you also can use Windows 2008 Enterprise Editionr SQL Server 2008 Enterprise Edition
4. Need to install IIS6.0 or later version (e.g IIS7.0 better)
5. Need to install .Net FrameWork3.5
  Note: step 3 and step 4 is needed for website
6. When make Firewall setting, need to open
TCP port 1433 ,8868,8888,1000,4321 ,9090,9900,9990
UDP port 1433 ,8868, 8888 ,1000 ,4321,9090,9900,9990